Townsville Theatrical Society The Dirty Old Man July 1968

The Townsville Theatrical Society competed in a drama festival in Cairns, Far North Queensland, in July 1968, with the play “The Dirty Old Man”.

Ovation For Local
Performers in Townsville Theatrical Society's presentation "The Dirty Old Man", were treated to a standing ovation by a large crowd at the Far North Queensland Drama Festival in Cairns on Saturday night.
The play, written by Lewis John Carlino, was presented by Townsville actors, Ray Bird, Carol Robinson and 17-year-old James McMaster. It was produced by Maurice Kimberley.
"The Dirty Old Man" was one of six performances at the festival, which was non-competitive.
Adjudicator was Mr. John Pasker, of the Elizabethan Theatre Trust, from Sydney.
Mr. Pasker said the variety, grouping and natural reaction of the members of the cast was very fine. He praised the producer.
Commenting on Ray Bird's performance ,as the Dirty Old Man, Mr. Pasker said: "I don't think there is anything I can say to Ray Bird that could help him to make the role of the old man any better — it was super. The role had a lot of pitfalls, but he didn't fall into any of them.”
The adjudicator said that associate performer, Carol Robinson, had sustained her part very well.
The third member of the cast, Jim McMaster, had an unsatisfactory part, Mr. Pasker said, but he extracted as much from it as he could.

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