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Picture Theatres Townsville Time Line

First Talkie sound equipment installed permanently in Townsville.
1929 – Talkie pictures operation and sound equipment “Cinesound” from the Western Electric Company of America is to be installed permanently into the Wintergarden Theatre in Townsville. (TDB Sat 25 May 1929)
1929 – THE TALKIES. – Townsville’s first Talkie picture, ‘The Jazz Singer,’ which opens at the Wintergarden Theatre on Monday 5 August 1929. (TDB Sat 27 Jul 1929)

First ‘Drive In’ Theatre in Australia
1940 – The Roxy Theatre management introduce for the first time in Australia a ‘DRIVE-IN’ THEATRE at the Sports Ground, in North Ward, Townsville. (TDB Thurs 14 Nov 1940)

First Provincial Twin Cinema in Australia.
1971 – Twin Cinemas, corner of Sturt St and Blackwood St, opened Thurs 26 Aug 1971 as two different cinemas (same building), Forum and Odeon (each with its own entrance). Later called Townsville Twin.

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