The Performing Arts Historical Society Townsville would like to sincerely thank the following people and organizations who have kindly donated their collections of programmes, flyers, posters etc. to The Gordon Hodgson Collection or have helped the Society with details etc. of their organization’s history or have supported the Society in other ways.

Australian War Memorial.      website
Australian Festival of Chamber Music   website
Australian Concerto & Vocal Competition   website
Barrier Reef Orchestra      website
Celtic Fyre       website
Dance North      website
Friends of The Theatre (FOTT)    website
North Queensland Concerto & Vocal Competition       website
North Queensland Opera & Music Theatre (NQOMT)    website
North Queensland Recorder Society    website
Peter Dunn’s “Australia @ War”    website
The Company Singers    website
The Outback Players      website
Townsville Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Centre     website
Townsville Choral & Orchestral Society    website
Townsville City Council      website
Townsville Guitar Orchestra
Townsville Little Theatre    website
Townsville Music Centre    website
Townsville Oratorio Choir
Wattle ‘n’ Gum Bush Band
4ttt Palmer St Jazz Festival  website

Ahlers, Donna
Aylward, June

Baker, Joyce & Noel
Barlow, Merle
Barrie, Elenor
Blanchard, Mrs
Bird, Ray
Bowe, Marie
Braddick, Mrs Jackie
Buchanan, Les
Burchill, Mrs Helen

Cairns, Mrs Jane|
Caley, Margaret
Campbell, Ray
Clancy, Mrs Lyn
Clay, Mrs Daphne
Cooke, Alan
Croft, Robyn

Dargie, Bruce
Dean, Natalie
Dell, Julie

Erickson, Mr & Mrs Keith

Fraser, Roslyn
Furness, Margaret

Gilchrist, Robyn
Grove, Ms Elenor

Hall, Melanie
Hamilton, Ron
Harney, Mrs Margaret
Hedlifs, Mrs Irma
Hooker, Nanette
Husband, Graham

Johns, Megan

Keeling, Trevor

Lythgo, Pam
Lynch, Kathy

Maquire, Crissy
Martin, Ms June
Mathew, John
MacDonald, Mrs Bridgette
McMillan, Ian
McDougall, Ian – TLT
McGuinness, Anne

Neilson, Geoff
Newman, Stan
Neilson, Paul
Northey, Melody

O’Dwyer, Ms Rachel
Ostrenski, Ron

Parker,      Fred
Pease, Brian
Peters, Val
Phelan, Mrs Roseanne
Pickersgill, Mrs Margaret
Pitiris, Ms Tracey

Rainie, Mrs Mavis
Read, Ellen & Eric
Read, Keith
Richards, Leslie
Roberts, Norma
Rogers, Mr
Ross, Lesliegh
Rowe, Malveen
Ruffle, Mr Jack
Ryan, Ms Jacinta
Ryan, Michelle

Sellars,      Neil
Shailor, Mr Nick
Short, Terri
Small, Gwen
Smith, Mrs D’Esley
Smith, Mervyn
Snell, Pam
Stephenson. Mrs Honor
Stretton, Jill

Trotter, Mr Alex
Turvey, Ms Sarah

Wallace,      Bill
Watson, Mrs Clare
Weston, Mr Mark
Wilkinson, Justine

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