Townsville Theatrical Society 1947-1969 Fools Rush In April 1951

“Fools Rush In” was performed on Friday 13, and Saturday 14 April 1951 at the Theatre Royal.

Fools Rush In casting advert Townsville Daily Bulletin Wed 17 Jan 1951

Fool Rush In advert Townsville Daily Bulletin Thurs 5 April 1951

Townsville Theatrical Society
‘Fools Rush In’. Theatre Royal
Friday 13 and Saturday 14 April 1951

Mattie Mercer, Eric Rees, Ron Forno, Jean Halliday, Roy Halliday, Lettie Mills, Mary Summerfield and Jane Gallagher.
Produced by Bill Wynn.

Fools Rush In review Townsville Daily Bulletin Sat 14 April 1951

The Article on the left reads:
Bright, Robust Play From Local Cast

'Fools Rush In,' the Townsville Theatrical Society's current presentation, is an extremely amusing play in the traditional English manner.
The Society gave one of its brightest and most robust performances—one which was seen by an audience of over 500 people.
Emphasis was divided between character and situation— with a tendency towards burlesque.
Last night's cast of eight gave definite interpretations which suggested firm direction by William Wynn.
The play should have a faster tempo— particularly in the first act, which should be run through at break-neck speed.
Jane Gallagher displayed excellent stage presence as the mother of a girl who decides at the last moment not to marry.
Mary Summerfield did well as a bouncing adventuress, and Jane Gallagher, too, as the mercurial bride.
Male roles were well filled by Eric Rees, Ron Forno and Roy Holliday. Holliday blustered his way through a caricature of an ageing diplomat.
Voice production is an important factor which the Society must not overlook, and on several occasions last night the need was very obvious. However, standard of the Society's presentations is improving with each play, and the increasing popularity supports this.
'Fools Rush In' is by Kenneth Horne, who collaborates on the 'Much Binding' series.
It will be presented again to-night at the Theatre Royal.

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