Townsville Choral & Orchestral Society Past Concerts

1906(Programme not Available)
1907(Programme not Available)
1908(Not Available)
1909(Not Available)
1910(Not Available)
1911(Not Available)
1912(Not Available)
1913(Not Available)
1914(Not Available)
1918First Concert of the year23 MayTheatre Royal
1918Final Concert of the year5 Dec
Theatre Royal
1919(Not Available)
1920(Not Available)
as The Townsville Choral & Orchestral Society
1921First Concert of the year23 JunTheatre Royal
1922(Not Available)
1923(Not Available)
1924(Not Available)
1925First Concert of the year23 JunTheatre Royal
1925Final Concert17 NovTheatre Royal
1926First Concert4 MayTheatre Royal
1927(Not Available)
1928First Concert22 MayTheatre Royal
1929First Concert30 AprTheatre Royal
1929Send off for Bessie Dougall13 FebTheatre Royal
1930First Concert of the year5 JunTheatre Royal
1930Second Concert5 SeptTheatre Royal
1930Third Concert28 NovTheatre Royal
1931First Concert of the year11 MayTheatre Royal
19312nd-"Merrie England"27 JulTheatre Royal
1931Final "Tawhaki"30 NovTheatre Royal
1932First Concert17 MayTheatre Royal
19322nd "Emerald Isle"1 AugTheatre Royal
1932Final "A Tale of Old Japan"28th NovTheatre Royal
1933First Concert15 MayTheatre Royal
19332nd "Maritana"7 AugWintergarden Theatre
1933Final "Carmen"13 NovWintergarden Theatre
1934First Concert21 MayWintergarden Theatre
19342nd "Hiawatha"AugWintergarden Theatre
1934Final "Hinemoa"26 NovWintergarden Theatre
1935First "Lohengrin"10 JunWintergarden Theatre
19352nd Concert23 AugWintergarden Theatre
1935Final "Tom Jones"25 NovWintergarden Theatre
1936First Concert25 MayWintergarden Theatre
19362nd "The Bohemian Girl" with Miss Lilian George
19363rd "Elijah"23 NovWintergarden Theatre
1937First Concert31 MayWintergarden Theatre
19372nd "Martha"2 AugWintergarden Theatre
1937Final Concert22 NovWintergarden Theatre
1938First Concert9 MayWintergarden Theatre
19382nd "The Village Opera"8 AugWintergarden Theatre
1938Final Concert14 NovWintergarden Theatre
1939First Concert16 MayWintergarden Theatre
19392nd Concert7 AugWintergarden Theatre
1939Final Concert20 NovWintergarden Theatre
1939War Charity Concert9 Dec
1940First Concert22 AprilWintergarden Theatre
1940War Charities Concert26 MayWintergarden Theatre
War Charities Concert19 AugWintergarden Theatre
War Charities Concert9 DecTheatre Royal
1941War Charities Concert26 MayTheatre Royal
1941War Charities Concert29 SeptWintergarden Theatre
1942 - 1946World War 2 recess
1947First Grand Post-War Concert2 SeptTheatre Royal
1947Final Concert25 NovTheatre Royal
1948First Concert25 MayTheatre Royal
19482nd Concert25 OctTheatre Royal
1949First Concert9 MayTheatre Royal
19492nd Concert4 OctTheatre Royal
1950Grand Concert8 MayTheatre Royal
19502nd Concert31 OctTheatre Royal
1950Organ Recital (Clive Woodward, Adelaide Bradley, Cecil Robinson)St James Cathedral
1951Jubilee Concert8 MayTheatre Royal
19512nd Concert20 NovTheatre Royal
1952First Concert25 MarTheatre Royal
19522nd Concert15 SeptTheatre Royal
1953First Concert23 MarTheatre Royal
1954First Concert6 AprilTheatre Royal
1955First Concert29 MarTheatre Royal
1956First Concert19 MarTheatre Royal
First Concert13 MayTheatre Royal
1958First Concert21 AprilTheatre Royal
1959First Concert20 AprilTheatre Royal
1960First Concert13 MayTheatre Royal
1961Grand Opening of the Refurbished Theatre Royal20-22 AprilTheatre Royal
1961Anzac Day Concert (Townsville City Council)The Strand
1961First Concert (Programme with Barry Lynam's Daughter Meryl Tapin of Sydney)9 MayTheatre Royal
1962Anzac Day Concert with the Junior Choral Society (Townsville City Council)The Strand
1962First Concert (Mrs Rhonda Rigby & David Lowry)12 JunTheatre Royal
1962Footlight Festival
(Televisions for the Townsville General Hospital)
17 SeptTheatre Royal
1963First Concert (Mr Ollie Smith & Mr Greg Williams)29 MarTheatre Royal
1963Anzac Day Concert with the Junior Choral Society (Townsville City Council)The Strand
1963Highlights28 & 29 MayTheatre Royal
1963Prison Concert
1964First Concert13 AprilTheatre Royal
1964Anzac Day Concert (Townsville City Council)The Strand
1964Prison Concert
1964Centenary Highlights19-20 JuneTheatre Royal
1965Anzac Day Concert last one run by the Townsville City CouncilThe Strand
1965First Concert18 MayTheatre Royal
1965Music & Song10 JulyTheatre Royal
1966Classical Concert3 MayTheatre Royal
1966Colour TV Spectacular28-30 JulyTheatre Royal
1967Classical Concert4 AprilTheatre Royal
1968Classical Concert21 MayTheatre Royal
1969Show Week Variety Concert
1970Pacific Festival 1.5hr ConcertHanran Park
1971Eisteddfod Concert?
1972Choirs in Concert
1973Four Choirs in MusicJune
1974Post-Eisteddfod Choirs in Concert13 JulyTownville Arts Centre
1975Post-Eisteddfod Concert30 April
1975The Messiah29 & 30 NovTownsville Arts Centre
1976Pre-Eisteddfod Concert?
1977Pre-Eisteddfod Concert?
1977The Messiah12 & 13 NovTownsville Arts Centre
1978Music at Eight25 AprilTownsville Civic Theatre
1978Choirs in Concert (Pacific Festival)4 JuneTownsville Civic Theatre
1979Free Concert6 AprilTownsville Arts Centre
1980Entertainment in Parks24 May
1980Concert (Guest - Meryl Lynam)2 SeptChoral Society Hall
1980Dr Larry March & The Michigan Master SingersChoral Society Hall
198175th Anniversary Concert12 AprilChoral Society Hall
1981Apex Charity Concert with the NQ Army Band4 AugTownsville Civic Theatre
1982Pre-Eisteddfod ConcertChoral Society Hall
19822nd Concert18 MayChoral Society Hall
1982A Spring Evening of Musical Entertainment14 SeptChoral Society Hall
1982Concert23 NovChoral Society Hall
1983Pre-Eisteddfod Concert29 MarChoral Society Hall
1983Say It With Music17th & 21st JunChoral Society Hall
1983An Evening with David Adams8 OctChoral Society Hall
1984Concert with T'ville & District Singers Assn (Guest, Henry Howell)25 MarChoral Society Hall
1985Cabaret17 AugChoral Society Hall
1985Stars of Carousel, Intermediate Choir and Monday Choral Group12 & 13 OctChoral Society Hall
1985Concert with Intermediate Choir and Junior Choral Society7 DecChoral Society Hall
1986Choral Concert26 MarChoral Society Hall
1986New Year's Eve Concert31 DecTownsville Civic Theatre
1987Pre-Eisteddfod Concert15 AprilChoral Society Hall
1988Pre-Eisteddfod Concert29 MarChoral Society Hall
1988Bi-centennial Concert in the Park16 July
1989Pre-Eisteddfod Concert21 MarChoral Society Hall
1989Lunch Concert24 AugPerc Tucker Gallery
1990Pre-Eisteddfod Concert10 AprilChoral Society Hall
1990Senior Citizens ConcertJuly
1991Pre-Eisteddfod Concert26 MarChoral Society Hall
1991Sing-a-long for Pensioners28 AugFlinders Mall
1991Concert for Students10 AprilSt Patrick's College
1991Concert for Rotarians5 MaySheraton Hotel & Casino
1992Pre-Eisteddfod Concert14 AprilChoral Society Hall
1992Coral Sea CelebrationsMayAnzac Park
1992Barber Shop Quartette Competition (O. Rooney, J. O'Connor, R. Graham and B. Moore)Stockland Shopping Centre
19922/4 RAR Birthday Church Parade4 AugLavarack Barracks
1993Monday Ladies Group (Choral Aires) Concert13 NovChoral Society Hall
1994Pre-Eisteddfod Concert29 MarChoral Society Hall
1994“Choral Aires” Concert Choral Society Hall
1995Pre-Eisteddfod Concert7 AprilChoral Society Hall
1995Tokuyama Japanese Concert23 MayChoral Society Hall
1995VP50 Mall Concert11 AugFlinders Mall
1995VP50 Jezzine Barracks Concert12 AugJezzine Barracks
1995VP50 Church Services13 & 20 AugThe Strand
1995VP50 Toc-H Concert14 AugTownsville Civic Theatre
1995“Choral Aires” Concert18 NovChoral Society Hall
1995Combined Choir Concert2 DecChoral Society Hall
1996Pre-Eisteddfod Concert30 MarChoral Society Hall
1996Perc. Tucker Gallery Concert18 AprilPerc Tucker Gallery
1996Larry Marsh (Columbia Valley Festival Choir from Oregon, USA)23 JulyChoral Society Hall
1996"Choral Aires" Concert18 SeptChoral Society Hall
1996“Choral Aires” Concert21 OctChoral Society Hall
1996Visit to Japan, Tokuyama6 - 16 Nov
1996Combined Choir Concert30 NovCairns Choral Society Hall
1996“Choral Aires” Concert7 DecChoral Society Hall
1997Pre-Eisteddfod Concert22 MarChoral Society Hall
1997Combined Choral Concert with visiting Japanese Choir from Tokuyama23 MayChoral Society Hall
1997Combined Choir Concert with Cairns Choral Society22 NovChoral Society Hall
1997“Choral Aires” Concert 30 Nov
Choral Society Hall
1998Pre-Eisteddfod Concert4 AprilChoral Society Hall
1998Combined Choral ConcertUniting Church Cairns
1998“Choral Aires” Concert7 NovChoral Society Hall
1998Brothers Leagues Club20 Dec
1999Pre-Eisteddfod Concert27 MarChoral Society Hall
1999Campervan and Motor Home Club Rally Concert6 JunTownsville Show Grounds
1999“Just for You” Concert (Shannon Foley)11 JulyTownsville Civic Theatre
1999Choral Dreaming Biennial Concert25 JulyQueens Park
1999Opening of the Strand Concert24 OctThe Strand
1999Combined Choir Concert with Cairns Choral Society27 NovChoral Society Hall
1999New Year’s Eve Concert “Back to the Future”30 - 31 DecChoral Society Hall
2000Pre-Eisteddfod Concert14 & 15 AprilChoral Society Hall
2001Pre-Eisteddfod Concert7 AprilChoral Society Hall
2001Community Choir “Spirit of the Voice” Townsville Civic Theatre
2001Federation North (First Flag) Festival Choir8 AugThe Strand
2001Choral Aires Concert1 DecChoral Society Hall
New Year’s Eve Concert31 DecChoral Society Hall
2002Rotary Concert2 FebJupitor's Casino Hotel
2002Choral Concert5 AprilChoral Society Hall
2002Community Choir “Spirit of the Voice”26 & 27 JulyTownsville Civic Theatre
2002Favourites of Musical Comedy3 AugChoral Society Hall
2002Choral Aires7 DecChoral Society Hall
2002New Year’s Eve31 DecChoral Society Hall
2003Thuringowa Pioneer Luncheon28 Mar
2003A Cavalcade of Musicals16 & 17 AugChoral Society Hall
2003Choral Aires - Seniors WeekAugustStockland Shopping Centre
2003Townsville Yarns5 OctTownsville Civic Theatre
2003Choral Aires29 NovChoral Society Hall
2003New Year’s Eve31 DecChoral Society Hall
2004Pre-Eisteddfod Concert3 AprilChoral Society Hall
2004A Cavalcade of Music31 July - 1 AugChoral Society Hall
2004Choral Aires5 DecChoral Society Hall
2004New Year’s Eve31 DecChoral Society Hall

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