Sunny Cowgirls

Sunny Cowgirls played Townsville 2013. (Townsville Eye 11 May 3012)

Sunny Cowgirls played Townsville 2013.
(Townsville Eye 11 May 2013)

Sophie & Celeste Clabburn are the Sunny Cowgirls.
Sophie fell in love with the guitar at the age of 6, and kept practising and mastering the instrument, before moving on to writing songs when she was 11 years old. At 12, Sophie convinced her younger sister Celeste, then 8, to take up the bass guitar so they could form a band The name came from the property they grew up on called Sunny Hills. Then the family moved to Perth when the girls were of high school age. They have since returned to the land  and each own acreages. Sophie in Tamworth and Celeste in Dunkeld, Victoria.
They regularly tour regional centres and performed at the Dalrymple Hotel on the 18 May 2013, as part of their Queensland tour, where they performed their new album “What We Do”.

(Information in part from the article Sunny Cowgirls by Emma Channon in the Townsville Eye 11 May 2013).

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