St James Amateurs – 1928 – Four one-act plays

The Four one act plays were performed at the Theatre Royal on Thursday 22 & Friday 23 Nov 1928.

“The Grand Cham’s Diamond” cast:
Mrs Perkins                                               Mrs Cox
Mr Perkins                                                 Mr James Robin
Polly Perkins                                              Miss Robina Roberts
Albert Watkins                                          Mr Huhenhouse
A Dark Stranger                                        Mr R. W. H. Malins.

“The Boy Who Comes Home” cast:
Philip                                                          Mr Harry O’Neil
Uncle James                                              Mr James Rufis
Mary                                                            Miss Robina Roberts
Aunt Emily                                                 Miss Kathleen Moncrief
Mrs Higgins                                               Miss Betty Ferguson.

“The Bathroom Door” cast:
Prima Donna                                             Miss Alisa Dunns
Young Man                                                 Mr Harry O’Neil
Young Lady                                                Miss Robina Roberts
Elderly Gentleman                                    Mr James Robin
Elderly Lady                                               Miss Moncrief
Host                                                             Mr Arthur Lasenby

“The Dear Departed” cast:
Abel Merryweather (grandfather)         Mr James Robin
Amelia Slater                                             Miss Betty Ferguson
Victoria Slater                                           Miss Robina Roberts
Henry Slater                                              Mr Len Wari
Ben Jorden                                                Mr Arthur Lasenby
Elizabeth Jorden                                      Miss Alice Stockdale.

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