Rosina Palmerston

Rosina Palmerston – Carandini

Birth        13 Jun 1889, Townsville , Queensland,  Australia
Father     Cristofero Palmerston Carandini, explorer, miner, butcher, hotel keeper
Mother   Teresa Rooney, Townsville violinist

Morning Bulletin (Rockhampton) Thurs 15 Sept 1904
Mrs. Cardew, honorary local representative of the Associated Board of the Royal Academy and Royal College of Music, says the Townsville “Bulletin ” of Monday last has received the gratifying intelligence, that the gold medal for Queensland in the intermediate grade in the recent examinations has been won by a Townsville candidate, Miss Rosina Palmerston, daughter of Mrs Palmerston, of Fryer-street. In the list published at the time Miss Palmerston’s marks were given as 131 ; but yesterday that young lady was advised by Mr. Balch, the secretary in Sydney, that in this there was a slight error, the actual total gained being 132 out of a possible 150.

Townsville Daily Bulletin Thursday 5 Nov 1908
Selections from ‘ Messiah.’Chorus — ‘ And the Glory of the Lord,’ – Musical Union,
Recit. and Aria— ‘Thus Saith the Lord,’ – Mr R. T. McClelland.
Chorus— ‘ For Unto Us,’ – Musical Union.
Recit.— (1) ‘ There were Shepherds;’ (2) ‘ And Lo ! The Angel;’ (3) ‘And the Angel Said;’ (4) ‘And Suddendly,’ – Miss Rosina Palmerston.
Chorus— ‘ Glory to God,’ – Musical Union.
Aria—’ Rejoice Greatly,’ – Miss Rosina Palmerston.
Aria—’ He was Despised,’ Miss Aggie Rawes.
Chorus— (1) ‘ Surely He Hath Borne:’ (2) ‘And With His Stripes;’ (3) ‘ All We Like Sheep,’
Aria- ‘ I Know that My Redeemer Liveth.’ Miss Rosina Palmerston.
Chorus— (1) ‘ Lift Up Your Heads;’ (2) ‘ Hallelujah,’ – Musical Union
Part Song— ‘I Love the Jocund Dance’ (F. Cordel), – Musical Union.
Coon Song — ‘ Sweet Lady Moon,’ – Master Stuart Macbirnie and Musical Union.
Song—’ Seville Gipsy Maid,’ – Miss Gladys Moncrieff.
Song—’ My Heart’s Desire,’ – Mr E. C. Norris.
Part Song—’ The Sea Hath Its Pearls ‘ (Plnsuti), – Musical Union.
Song—’ A Little Flower,’ – Miss Rooney.
Song—’ Hybrias, the Cretan ‘ (Elliott), – Mr R. T. McClelland.
Song—’ The Gay Zlngara,’ – Miss Rosina Palmerston.
Part Song— ‘The Lullaby of Life’ J (Henry Leslie), – Musical Union.
PRICES : 2/- and 1/-. Box Plan at Phillips’s. Booking, 6d.
J. H. FOLEY, Hon. Sec.

Townsville Daily Bulletin Monday 22 March 1909
A pleasant and attractive concert, arranged by Mrs R. A. Wakeford was given in the men’s dining hall in the General Hospital on Sunday afternoon. The attendance was very good, especially when it is remembered that there was, no southern singer to act as a magnet, as was the case at similar, concerts last year. The programme, which was well arranged, was supplied with local talent, and was very much appreciated, one or two items calling forth high encomiums notably, song contributed by Miss Rosina Palmerston, “She Wandered Down the   Mountain side.” Solos were also sung by Miss Armati,”I think”; Miss. L. Rooney ,”Realms of Promise”; Mr R. A. Wakeford, “Roses”; Mr. Hunter Portus “Dream of Paradise”; Mr R. Hartley, “Maiden Mine”.; Mr. R. W. McClelland, , “Through Faithless Men”; Mr Bittner, “The Toilers”; Mr. Clive Armati, “The Garden of Passion”. Miss Muriel Mitchell recited “How Jimmy Blacked the Baby” and also contributed a pianoforte solo,   “Rondo Brilliant,”. which was heartily applauded. It is some months since this clever little girl has performed in public, and her re-appearance was welcomed. Miss Palmerston played the overture to the concert. A collection taken up totalled £6 0s 1d. A very good result and one that must be gratifying to the promoter and those who so ably assisted. The piano was kindly lent by Messrs Wakeford Bros.

The Advertiser (Adelaide, SA 1889-1931) Thursday 9 June 1910
There was a large and appreciative audience at the final performance by the Musical Kennedys in the Adelaide Town Hall on Wednesday evening. As on the previous nights. Mr. Keith Kennedy gave fine renderings of ”Mignon” and “The Legende” on the violin, while the Kennedy orchestra supplied a number of orchestral selections.
Misses Rosina Palmerston-Carandini and Gladys Leseberg and Mr. B. Trumble were also “responsible for admirable items. The company has had a very successful season at the Town Hall, and the announcement concerning the shortness of its stay occasioned much disappointment. This evening the Kennedys appear at Port Adelaide and to-morrow at the Semaphore.

Townsville Daily Bulletin Tuesday 4 March 1913
Miss Rosina Palmerston, the popular soprano of the Dandies Company, notwithstanding that she is in the fifteenth week of her Rockhampton season, shows not the slightest sign of pilling on patrons of the Court, (says the ‘Rockhampton Record’). In fact, she achieved one of her greatest successes with last evening’s numbers  which included ‘The Nightingale’s Courtship.’ ‘Maggie.’ and, with Mr Howard Hall, two duets,’Carmena.’ and ‘Havana. Always noted for her facility in long sustained notes. Miss Palmerston was quite sure herself in this respect in ‘Maggie’ in which she went quite the Marathon distance.

Rockhampton Bulletin Saturday 8 March 1913
Of Miss Rosina Palmerston’s performance with the ‘ Dandies,’ the Rockhampton ‘Bulletin’ of March 8 says: — Miss Rosina Palmerston. who has made a great advance in her profession since coming to Rockhampton, gave ”The Waltz Song’ in a splendid manner, and was equally charming in the encore song, ‘My Faded Violet,’ both being loudly cheered. In fact, so persistent was the applause at the finish of the second number that Miss Palmerston returned again and repeated the last verse, her sweet voice delighting the hearers.

Townsville Daily Bulletin Saturday 14 Oct 1916
Tonight, a strong programme will be presented at the Olympia, including two star triangle features and a vaudeville specialty, by Miss Rosina Palmerston, who gives a clever entertainment at the piano comprising songs selections and monologues. Southern reports state that Miss Palmerston’s turn captivates her audiences and is a real musical treat. The Triangle programme is one of the finest yet submitted, the drama being a very powerful one entitled “Acquitted”.

Townsville Daily Bulletin Thursday 19 Oct 1916
Miss Rosina Palmerston added fresh laurels to her already great success at the Olympia last night, by introducing new items, both in songs and piano solos.
She was most enthusiastically received and had to respond to a well deserved encore. The programme was headed by the second Chaplin-Mutual comedy, entitled ‘The Fireman,” featuring the comedian of comedians Charlie Chaplin.

(Excerpt from)
[By C. G. AUSTIN.]
(Read at a meeting of The Royal Historical Society of Queensland on 23 November 1961.)
Music in Brisbane in 1850’s and 1860’s

The most popular visiting singers to Brisbane in this period were the Carandini family. This family provided a link with Brisbane musical development, for Miss Rosina Carandini, daughter of Madame Carandini, (sic) was afterwards Mrs. Palmer, mother of Mrs. Gilbert Wilson, who was well-known in Brisbane musical circles.

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