Range Drive in Theatre

1975 – RANGE DRIVE-IN, Hervey’s Range Rd, Willows, opened Anzac Day 26 April 1975
Range Drive-in Hervey’s Range Rd Willows. Situated across the road from the Rugby stadium, it is now missed by the thousands of fans who pass it. The Range opened on Anzac Day 1975 and operated for 25 years of operation. Back in the 1970’s it ran up to nine sessions per week and regularly had triple features on weekends. All three drive-ins went head to head in those days, only The Range flew the drive-in flag into the new century. It was supported by a large family audience who set up in deck chairs and revelled in the great outdoor movie atmosphere at the Range. The Range now sits abandoned the owners were reluctant to spend money on council road upgrades at the front of the site. A sad end to the atmospheric Range. Townsville once had 3, now none remain.
Capacity: 420 Cars. Screens: One. Operator: Brian O’Donoghue
The Range outlasted the other two and enjoyed the patronage of loyal fans in an environment perfect for drive-ins.

2000 – Range Drive-in closed Sep 2000

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