Palladium Theatre

TDB Fri 17 May 1946
Q. E. and S. J. O’Keefe — erection picture theatre and dance hall: Report having approved of the erection of a picture theatre and dance hall at the corner of Hervey’s Range Road and Charlotte Street, In accordance with the plans and specification! submitted, and that he be requested to furnish full particulars of the construction of the projection room and the type of seating accommodation lo be provided, and further he be advised that the Council has no power to grant a license for a picture theatre. D. Millican— erection picture theatre. Cook Street: Report having advised that the Council will have no objection to the erection of a picture theatre on the land referred to, subject to plans and specifications being submitted in accordance with the by-laws.

Palladium Theatre Ross River Rd corner of Charlotte St Aitkenvale.
Built after the war using a number of WW2 buildings etc including the stage from the Pooladium.
The “Pooladium” was an entertainment stage located in the vicinity of Charlotte Street, Townsville near Aplin’s Weir during WW2 (military WW2 Camp) closed c late 40s.

1947 – PALLADIUM THEATRE opened 23 Dec 1947

TDB Tues 23 Dec 1947
TO-NIGHT — at 7.30 — TO-NIGHT
Grand Opening: Double Feature Programme

TDB Wed 14 Jul 1948
“Fired Wife” & “Hat Check Honey”

Closed mid 1960s.


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