Olympic Theatre 1874



Photo  c.1875 – Jubilee Carnival Program 1913
Ref: “A Pattern of Pubs” – B.Gibson-Wilde





Olympic Theatre located near the bottom right of the picture.




Olympic Theatre – opened NYE 31 Dec 1873 (The Rockhampton Bulletin Tues 13 Jan 1874)

Olympic Theatre opened attached to the Denham St Façade of the then Townsville Hotel. Proprietor was Augustus (A.F.) Low
Location on the corner of Denham St & Flinders St on the site of the present National Mutual Building.

(Rockhampton Bulletin Tues 13 Jan 1874) said the Cleveland Bay Express had this article from Townsville.
The long promised addition to our town improvements (says the C. B. Express) has at last assumed something like a tangible shape, and the enterprising proprietor, Mr. A. F. Low, deserves great credit. He has at a considerable expense erected the finest and most commodious theatre in Northern Queensland, and which he has named the Olympic, and we trust it may have the success of its London namesake, The inauguration night (New Year’s Eve) was a most unqualified success. The ball was a very enjoyable one and the music by Mr. W. Arnold, pianist, ably supported by concertina, violin, and cornet, left nothing to be desired, and the supper, spread under a genial presence of the fair and enterprising hostess was a substantial treat, and we trust that many such agreeable re-unions will take place at the Olympic Theatre.

The Brisbane Courier Sat 30 Jan 1875
TOWNSVILLE (by local correspondent)
A new Amateur Dramatic Company is announced to give a performance at the Olympic Theatre in aid of the proposed new School of Arts building. Signor Vertelli is now performing at the same theatre on the tightrope, and concludes his performance on that slender pathway with some excellent “prestidigitatory wonders” -he calls them. It was a good thing for the lovers of theatricals of all sorts that Mr. Low bethought him of building a theatre, as we should miss all the acting troupes which pass this way on route to the diggings if there were no suitable building in Townsville

Aug 7th “Bijou Variety Troupe to Perform”

Sept 25th “Foley’s Magnetic Troupe”

By 1878 it had become a restaurant.

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