Olympia Theatre/Lyceum Pictures

Olympia Theatre exterior c1959

1912 – LYCEUM PICTURES on the corner of Sturt & Stokes St. mentioned in TDB Thurs 4 Jan 1912.
1912 – Lyceum Pictures last show was on Sat 28 Sep 1912 (TDB Mon 30 Sep 1912)
1912 – Lyceum Pictures sold to Birch & Carroll, Brisbane, & Mr T.V.Coyle of Townsville.

1912 – OLYMPIA THEATRE opened in the leased Stanley Stadium by Birch & Carroll (running on Mon 8 Jan 1912 according to TDB)

TDB Tues 1 Oct 1912
Mr T. V. Coyle, lessee of the Theatre Royal, yesterday concluded an Important agreement with a powerful and well-known entertainment firm. This includes the purchase of the new Lyceum, to which the successful picture and vaudeville business at present conducted at the Theatre Royal will be transferred. The Lyceum is to undergo considerable alterations and improvements, which latter includes the erection of a large stage and a new gallery. The aim of the management is to make it a garden pleasure resort second to none in North Queensland. Already special arrangements are in hand for a constant service of the latest picture successes and the best vaudeville obtainable. The purchase price of the Lyceum and the projected alterations runs into four figures.

TDB Wed 20 Nov 1912
The site recently occupied by the Lyceum Pictures is undergoing a veritable transformation in readiness for the re-opening on Saturday evening, when, under the joint direction of Messrs Birch and Carroll and Mr T. V. Coyle (of the successful Royal Pictures), a programme of real novelty pictures with the most expensive vaudeville turn ever presented in Townsville will be presented. Upwards of 1400 pounds represents the cost of the additions and improvements to the enclosure. The stage front is the most striking feature of the additions. This is done in Wunderlich metal most tastefully decorated. The mechanical equipment consists of duplicate engines and dynamos. The whole of the gallery seating has been entirely renovated and enlarged, and new canvas seats have been built for the main portion. Three ticket boxes (one for each class of accommodation) are being installed, and a refreshment booth for patrons is being erected. Every provision for the comfort and convenience of patrons is being provided, and this, in conjunction with expert selection of pictures and a shrewd choice of vaudeville must inevitably reap the reward which such enterprise deserves.
1912 – OLYMPIA THEATRE then opened in the previous Lyceum cnr Sturt & Stokes St. and opened on Sat 23 Nov 1912 (TDB Sat 23 Nov 1912)

1929 – Olympia Theatre opened to the public as the first al fresco (open air) talkie theatre in Australasia, and the only one of its kind in the world on Sat 16 Nov 1929 (TDB Wed 13 Nov 1929)

Olympia Theatre interior looking from screen to projection box

Olympia Open air theatre foyer looking out to the intersection

1966 – Olympia Closed c1966

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