North Ward Pictures

North Ward Pictures
1927 – NORTH WARD PICTURES, using the Scout Hall, opened Sat 16 Jul 1927 (TDB Sar 16 Jul 1927)

TDB Sat 16 Jul 1927
The North Ward Pictures will present their initial programme at the Scouts Hall to-night. Fred Thompson and Silver King head the bill in ‘The Wild Bulls Lair,’ with ‘The Lone Wolf’s Return.’ featuring Bert Lytell and Billie Dove, as the supporting feature.
(same programme as South Townsville Pictures advert)

TDB Mon 18 Jul 1927
South Townsville Pictures under entirely new management to-night (same programme as for North Ward Pictures above).

TDB Wed 20 Jul 1927
An attractive programme will be presented at the North Ward Picture Theatre to-night, when the star attraction will be the ‘The Temple of Venus’, a masterpiece that is steeped in romance. The supporting feature will be the first episode of ‘The Pacemakers’ a screaming: funny galaxy of all star comedians in speed races, sport, love, adventure and romance. A new chapter of this serial will be screened every Wednesday night. The prices of admission arc 2/- and 1/-, with no extra for booking.

TDB Wed 20 Jul 1927
The programme for presentation at the South Townsville Pictures to-night will be headed by Buck Jones in “A Man Four Square”, while the supporting feature will star Alice Joyce in “Headlines”.

TDB Sat 23 Jul 1927
A double star programme of great interest is to be screened at this theatre to-night. Marie Prevost is at her best in the characterisation of “The Jazz Bride”, which is an adaption from the famous novel ”The Flapper Wife”. The associate feature “Fast and Fearless”, depicts the popular star Buffalo Bill junr. The plot is woven around a little out-back Californian town, where men took their lives in their hands and gun-play and horsemanship meant everything. This picture screens many thrilling situations and undoubtedly holds an audience spellbound.
(same programme at the South Townsville Pictures)

TDB Sat 9 Mar 1946
Opening night to-night, 7.30 North Ward Pictures, Sports Reserve, showing Van Haflin and Katherine Grayson in “Seven Sweethearts” also “Ladies of Washington” plus supports.

TDB Tue 12 Mar 1946
“The Sullivans” & “Louisiana Hay Ride”

TDB Sat 16 Mar 1946
“Stand By For Action” & “Cry Of The Were Wolf”

TDB Fri 29 Mar 1946
Enol Flynn. Ann Sheridan in ‘Edge
of Darkness.’ and the East Side Kids
in ‘Mr. Muggs Steps Out.’ plus news
and featurettes.

TDB Wed 3 Apr 1946
“Kansas City Kitty” & “Ever Since Venus”

TDB Fri 12 Apr 1946
“Talk Of The Town” & “A Desperate Chance For Ellery Queen”

TDB Fri 3 May 1946
“Holy Matrimony” & “Falcon In Mexico”

TDB Fri 17 May 1946
“The Mask Of Dimitrios” & “One Mysterious Night”

TDB Sat 1 Jun 1946
“Carolina Blues” & This Time For Keeps”

TDB Sat 13 Jul 1946
Re-opening To-night
“Moon Over Miami” & “Meet Miss Bobby Socks”

TDB Sat 10 Aug 1946
“The Mark Of The Whistler” & “They Got Me Covered”

TDB Sat 7 Sep 1946
“The Conspirators” & “The Last Horseman”

TDB Tue 1 Oct 1946
“Stagedoor Canteen” & “Lady Gangster”

TDB Sat 2 Nov 1946
“A Tree Grows In Brooklyn”

TDB Sat 7 Dec 1946
“Princess O’Rourke” & “Pan Americana”

TDB Sat 11 Jan 1947

TDB Sat 1 Feb 1947
“Old Acquaintance” & “Don Juan Quilligan”

TDB Sat 1 Mar 1947
“To-night And Every Night” & “Blonde From Brooklyn”

TDB Thu 3 Apr 1947
“The Eve Of St Mark” & “Strange Confession”

TDB Thu 1 May 1947
“That Night With You” & “The Spider”

TDB Fri 13 Jun 1947
“Bring On The Girls” & “You Can’t Do Without Love”

TDB Sat 12 Jul 1947
“She Wouldn’t Say Yes” & Beyond The Sacramento”

TDB Thu 31 Jul 1947
“Little Giant” & “Alaska”

TDB Thu 11 Sep 1947
“This Happy Breed” & “Lucky Cisco Kid”

TDB Fri 3 Oct 1947
“Footlight Serenade” & “Tarzan & The Leopard Woman”

TDB Fri 7 Nov 1947
“The Southerner” & “A Walk In The Sun”

TDB Fri 5 Dec 1947
“Make Mine Music” & “Strange Triangle”

TDB Thu 1 Jan 1948
“The Desperadoes” & Road To Alcatraz”

TDB Fri 6 Feb 1948
“Our Vines Have Tender Grapes’ & “Rough Riding Justice”

TDB Mon 16 Feb 1948
North Ward Pictures advert shows it is held at the Sports Reserve.

TDB Sat 6 Mar 1948
“Little Nelly Kelly” & “Danger Woman”

TDB Sat 3 Apr 1948
“My Reputation” & “Wild Beauty”

TDB Mon 3 May 1948
“My Darling Clementine” & “Bedside Manner”

TDB Tue 8 Jun 1948
“Monsieut Beaucaire” & Gay Blades”

TDB Fri 2 Jul 1948
“A Place Of One’s Own” & “Guest Wife”
TDB Tue 13 Jul 1948 (sm advert)

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