Madge Ryan Images

Born January 8, 1919, in Townsville, Queensland, Australia
Died January, 1994, Westminster, London, England
Daughter of Michael Edward and Sarah Josephine (Brady) Ryan

Madge_Ryan_as_Dr_Branom_in_A_Clockwork_Orange                                   Madge_Ryan_as_Mrs_Eve_Turner_in_The_Avengers

As Dr Branom in A Clockwork Orange            As Mrs Eve Turner in The Avengers

The_Avengers                                      Madge_Ryan_with_Lionel_Jeffries_1192_episode_of_Casualty_-_BBC

In the television series The Avengers.        with Lionel Jeffries in an episode of Casualty (BBC)


As Rachel Lynde in Anne of Avonlea

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