Helton Hall (WW2) Images

The pictures on this page are placed with the kind permission of Peter Dunn from his website, Peter Dunn's "Australia @ War" web site at www.ozatwar.com

Helton Hall was an open aired building and officially opened on 26th Nov 1943. It was named in honour of 2nd Lt. James G. Helton who was killed on 23rd Sept 1943 during a test flight over Rattlesnake Island near Townsville.

5th Air Service Command (US) depot known as Depot No 2 was located at the base of Mt Louisa and was a huge camp. Helton Hall was the entertainment hall for the camp and was officially opened on 26 November 1943.

Another view of Helton Hall which Peter Dunn roughly estimates as being in the vicinity of today's Etheridge Street at Mount Louisa.

Another view of Helton Hall

Another view of Helton Hall

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