Estate Theatre

Opened Sat 27th Aug 1938

TDB Thurs 25 Aug 1938
The Estate Theatre will open on Saturday night next, when the main attraction will be ‘Make A Wish,’ the latest and best Bobby Breen starring vehicle. ‘Make A Wish,’ besides giving this young silver tenor every opportunity to show his talents, tells a humanly Interesting romance. Bobbv Breen is supported by a great cast including Basil Rathbone, Leon Errol and Reginald Denny. The associate attraction will be. ‘Saints In Exile.’

TDB Sat 27 Aug 1938
The screen has not presented during the current season a more completely entertaining motion picture than ‘Make A Wish.’ the new Bobby Breen musical starring vehicle filmed by Principal Productions for R.K.O. Radio, which comes to the opening of the Estate Theatre to-night. In no department of production has anything been neglected to make the picture a thoroughly enjoyable one, and it easily qualifies as the best In which the young singing star has ever appeared — a pleasing mixture of comedy, romance, tuneful songs, and beautiful backgrounds. The associate feature will be ‘Saints In Exile.’ Ring 563 for reserves.

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