Esquire Theatre

The Esquire Theatre was located at 25 Cook Street, North Ward, in Townsville. It was located between Landsborough and Stuart Streets in North Ward.

1946 – TDB Fri 17 May 1946 reports:
Same report mentions: D. Millican— erection picture theatre. Cook Street: Report having advised that the Council will have no objection to the erection of a picture theatre on the land referred to. (ESQUIRE THEATRE)

TDB Fri 16 Jul 1948
Esquire Theatre opening Sat 17 Jul 1948 (Advert)
TDB Sat 17 Jul 1948
Opening advert

TDB Fri 6 Aug 1948
“I Know Where I’m Going” & “Utah”

1968 – Esquire Theatre closed c1968.

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