Empire Pictures

TDB Sat 19 Dec 1914
South Townsville has now come into line with the north side in the way of picture entertainment, and this evening the new Empire Picture Palace, situated next to the Empire Hotel, South Townsville, will screen its first programme. This theatre is well situated, the seating accommodation being all that could be desired, and Mr Randell, the proprietor, is to be congratulated on his undertaking. In conjunction with a well-selected picture programme, the vaudeville turn will be provided by Abbott, the Merry Wizard, assisted by Miss Rose Misservy. This clever and humorous duo performed most successfully here a couple of weeks ago, and were greeted with fine houses, which should be repeated this evening. The star drama is ‘The Escape of Jim Dolin,’ supported by many others by popular companies. This programme is for one night only, there being a complete change every evening.

TDB Sat 2 Jan 1915
In conjunction with the week-end change of programme this evening the management announce the engagement of Hugo and Olga, the never vaudeville duo, in original songs and quaint sayings. The star picture is entitled ‘The War Correspondent,’ and is supported by many others equally as well selected.

TDB Wed 10 Feb 1915
The Empire Pictures, South Townsville, are featuring this week an S. and A. masterpiece entitled “Tapped Wires”, a drama well worth witnessing. The balance of the programme, which is well sustained, comprises dramas, comedies and scenics by suck makers as Lubin, A.B., Vitagraph, Essanay, Keystone, Edison, Gaumont, Selig, Pathe, etc. “Tapped Wirers” will be shown to-nightand to-morrow night.

TDB Wed 16 Jun 1915
A special attraction is announced for to-morrow night at the Empire Picture Theatre. In the advent of Mr Marshall Palmer, the well-known character vocalist, who is so well and favorably known in Townsville. Mr. Palmer will appear at this theatre for two nights only— Thursday and Saturday— and sing by special request a number of his most popular songs, including, for the first time, the moving picture song ‘Bonny Boys in Navy Blue’ The sensational Australian Drama, “The Kelly Gang”, will be shown on Thursday night, for one night only, and will be graphically described by Mr Palmer, who personally visited the scenes of the ever famous story. This great picture has drawn big houses wherever shown, and as this is the last opportunity of seeing it a bumper house is expected. There will also be a full programme of dramas and comedy pictures.

TDB Sat 24 Jul 1915
1000pound REWARD has been offered for certain Information. Everyone will be REWARDED If they visit the Empire Pictures. South Townsville, TO-NIGHT (Saturday). Mr Banjo Patterson has been engaged for a short season. Latest Songs and Pictures.

TDB Sat 17 Jun 1916
‘Pals of Blue.’ a grand picture drama, will be the chief item In a generous programme to be presented at the Empire Pictures this evening-. Mr Wood, the new proprietor of the Empire, has a number of other features for the entertainment of his patrons this evening, including ‘Scenes in Algiers, the White City’: “A Rascal’s Wolfish Way”, a ripping Keystone comedy, and others. Mr Banjo Patterson will be heard in new items.

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