Dance North Show Info 2010-2014

(The Society thanks Dance North, D’Esley Smith, and the Performing Arts Museum’s own archives for the following information)

Repertoire 2010                             Raewyn Hill Artistic Director

Australian Performing Arts Market  Nowhere fast excerpts  (Adelaide)

New York residency (Black Crows preparation)

 “Grace Live”
Choreography: Raewyn Hill
Design: Claud Maus

“The Cry”
Choreography: Raewyn Hill, Richard Longbottom, Artistic team
Design: Van Locker

 “Art v Sport”
Concept: Raewyn Hill
Performers: Dancers and Sports people

 “Nowhere fast”  (Townsville & China)
Choreography: Ross McCormack
Music: Jody Lloyd
Design: Natasha James

Director: Rob Tainon, Richard Longbottom
Created in collaboration with the company

D’Arcy Andrews
Lauren Carr (Art v Sport; Nowhere Fast; Freefall)
Thomas Gundry Greenfield
Luke Hanna    (not Freefall)
Jessica Jefferies
Nicola Leahy


Repertoire 2011

Double Bill –

“[sic]: ;”
Concept and Direction Ross McCormack, Elie Tass
Music: Jody Lloyd
Design; Van Locker

“Black Crows”
Choreography: Raewyn Hill
Music: Micka Luna
Design: Raewyn Hill, Van Locker

Choreography: Raewyn Hill and Dancers
Music: Micka Luna
Design: Nueve Ojos, Mariona Omedes,

Ausdance Dance Award

“Grace” – the exhibition (rpt)

“Grace” – the performance (rpt)

“Big Stories /small Dances”
Concept and Mentoring: Raewyn Hill   (solos)
Choreography; The Dancers
Design: Bradley Chatfield, Charlotte Gordon

Lauren Carr
Thomas Gundry Greenfield
Alice hinde (Cns & Big stories)
Jessica Jefferies
Nicola Leahy
Jeremy Poi


Repertoire 2012

“Mass” (toured)   rpt

“Art v Sport” (Rpt)

Concept and Direction: Raewyn Hill
Choreography: The Dancers
Music: Maurice Ravel
Design; Ben Shaw; Sass & Bide

“Let’s Dance” (Fugue at Australian Ballet 50th Anniversary)

Double Bill –

“Black Crows”  rpt

“Fall from Grace”
Concept & Direction: Raewyn Hill
Design: Raewyn Hill
Dancer Alice Hinde

Dance Energy” (Brisbane Festival)


Repertoire 2013

Art v Sport”

Triple Bill –
“Black Crows”

“Fugue” (rpt)

“Fall from Grace” (rpt)

“Mass” (remount) (toured)

“Abandon”  (Dance North and Opera Queensland)
Concept: Raewynn Hill, Lindy Hume, James Crabbe
Music: Georg Friedrich Handel
Musicians: James Crabbe, Tieje Hylkema
Design: Bruce McIven, Ben Shaw, Alistair Trung
Dancers: Bradley Chatfield, Erynne Mulholland, Andrew Searle,
France Herve, Alixe Hinde
Singers: Annie Lower, Elizabeth Lewis, Christopher Richardson,
Monique Latemore

“Shake –a-leg” (community)



Repertoire 2014

Threefold   Programme + flyer + invitation

Choreography: HuangYi and dancers
Music: HuangYi
Design: Alistair Trung, Bosco Shaw

Choreography: Gavin Webber and dancers
Music: Ben Ely
Design: Kate Harman, Bosco Shaw

“A Dance for the Forgotten”
Choreography: Raewyn Hill and Dancers
Music: Eden Mulhollland, Giovani Pergolesi (Marian Vespers)
Design: Alistair Trung Bosco Shaw

Sarah Fiddaman
Alice Hinde
Brianna Kell
Erynne Mulholland
Andrew Searle
Timothy Walsh



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