Dance North Show Info 2005-2009

(The Society thanks Dance North, D’Esley Smith, and the Performing Arts Museum’s own archives for the following information)

Repertoire 2005   Artistic Director was changed from Jane Pirani to Gavin Weber

Queensland Orchestra and Dance North (free evening)

 “Tangled Whispers”
Choreographer: Jason Pitt
Chit Chat Club”
Choreographer: Kylie Ball
Music: Compilation
Design: Norman Kupke

Choreography: Splinter Group
Music: Ian Grandage
Design: Zoe Atkinson
Dancers: Vincent Crowley
Grayson Millwood
Gavin Webber

 “Night Café”
Choreography: Gavin Webber
Music: S Campbell, D Salisbury
Design: Craig Skelly

Peta Bull (Tangled Whispers and Chit Chat Club only)
Eleanor Campbell
Caroline Hamilton
Kate Harmon (Night Café only)
Joseph Lau (Tangled Whispers and Chit Chat Club only)
Kyle Page (Night Café only)
Kevin Privett
Gavin Webber (Night Café)

Name change to “dancenorth Australia”

Repertoire 2006

Australia-Japan dance Exchange 2006

“Gravity Feed”
Design: Gavin Webber, Olivia Brady, Jo Currry


 “2-4-1″ (You made this of me: The sleeping end)


Lawn (Splinter group)

Australia Japan Dance Exchange

“Nightcafe 06”


Repertoire 2007

Choreography: Gavin Webber
Music: Compilation
Design: Jo Curry

Choreography: Splinter Group
Music; Luke Smile
Design: Mark Howitt

Choreography: Jo Stone
Music: Compilation
Design: Paulo Castro

“Night café 07”
Choreography: Gavin Webber
Music: Nick Lavers


Repertoire 2008

“Nightcafe” (rpt)(Performing Arts market Adelaide)

 “Underground” (rpt) (National tour)

 “Remember Me”
Choreography: Gavin Webber, Sarah Jayn Howard, Grayson Millward
Music: Iain Grandage, Ian Brunskill, Kirsty McCahon, Miki Tsunoda
Design; Ben Cisterne, Luke Smiles

“Impulstanz” (Vienna teaching and workshops)

 “Survival tactics” (Co Production Invisible forces)

Hsin Ju Chiu
Kate Harman
Alice Hinde
Kyle Page
Joshua Thomson

Guest Performers
Matthew Cornell (Remember Me)
Sarah-Jane Howard (Remember Me, Roadkill, APAM)
Charmene Yap (Underground)
Charters Towers Social dancers (Remember Me)
Grayson Millward (Roadkill, Lawn)
Morganics/Morgan Lewis (Survival Tactics)
Bboy Jay/Jason Rei (Survival Tactics)
Nicx Power (Survival Tactics)
Maya Jupiter (Survival Tactics)


Repertoire 2009 Transition year

Transition year. Artistic Director Gavin Weber resigns, leaves the company in March.

New Artistic Director, Raewyn Hill appointed but not available immediately.

“Night café”       (Tour)
Choreographer: Gavin Weber and dancers
Music:  Waiting for Guiness

Roadkill” & “Lawn”  (national tour)
Choreography: Splinter group
Music: Compilation
Design: Ben Cisterne, Luke Smiles

“Nowhere fast”
Choreography: Ross McCormack
Music: Jody Lloyd
Design: Natasha James

“Remember me” (Brisbane Queensland Music Festival)
Choreography: Gavin Webber and dancers
Music: Iain Grandage, Ian Brunskill, Edwina Hookey, Dale Jones
Design: Ben Cisterne, Luke Smiles

“Nerve Ending” (film)
Creator: Michelle Ryan
Director: Peter Humble and Co.
Music : Biddy Connor, Anthony Pateras

Dance Moves” (Community)

“Art for Art Sake” (community)

“Grace – the exhibition” celebrating art v sport

Hsin Ju Chiu
Alice Hinde
Kyle Page
Joshua Thomson

Guest Performers
Sarah-Jane Howard (Remember Me, Roadkill)
Charters Towers Social dancers (Remember Me)
Sally Blatchford (Nightcafé, Remember Me)
Danah Jayne Matthews (Nightcafe)
Luke Hanna (Nowhere Fast, Nightcafe, Remember Me)
Darcy Anrews (Nowhere Fast, Nightcafe, Remember Me)
Nicola Leahy (Nowhere Fast)
Jessica Jefferies (Nowhere Fast)
Adam Gardiner (Nightcafe)
Grayson Millward (Roadkill, Lawn)
Iain Grandage (Remember Me)



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