Charters Towers Country Music Festival

Since 1978, the festival has grown to become one of Australia’s largest Country Music Festivals; featuring Australia’s leading Country Music Artists & hosting one of Australia’s BIGGEST Country Music Talent Search competitions.

1st to 3rd May, 2015

Past overall Winners

1978 Buddy Weston, Stockton, NSW
1979 Whyna Homer, Charters Towers
1980 Les & Doris Kelly, Townsville
1981 Anita Phillips, Charters Towers
1982 Buck Taylor, Charters Towers
1983 Tina Rouaen, Brisbane
1984 Diana Brereton, Collinsville
1985 Saddle Tramps, Ayr
1986 Anna Christensen, Townsville
1987 Matt Mullamphy, Townsville
1988 Matt Mullamphy, Townsville
1989 Gunnadoo Band, Airlie Beach
1990 Whiteline, Townsville
1991 Georgia Lyons, Townsville
1992 Takes Two, Charters Towers/Townsville
1993 Bob Ferris, Calen
1994 Spur of the Moment, Townsville
1995 John Cuzubbo, Ingham
1996 Tony Fracchia, Ingham
1997 Anthony Taylor, Charters Towers
1998 Brendon Walmsley, Roma
1999 Sera Jane Moore & Kieran Lancini, Townsville/Ingham
2000 Adi Burgess, Townsville
2001 Overload, Mackay
2002 Pickhandle, Charters Towers
2003 Samantha McClymont, Newcastle, NSW
2004 Victoria Baillie, Moe, Victoria
2005 Kimberley Bowden, Tully
2006 Anthony John, Ingham
2007 Sera Jane Moore, Townsville
2008 Shiraz, Charters Towers
2009 Roadside Gang, Townsville
2010 Levena Stewart, Mackay
2011 Tommy Contor, Mackay
2012 Levena Stewart, Mackay
2013 Christie Polinelli, Charters Towers
2014 Tammy Moxan, Townsville
2015 Judah Kelly, Mackay

The 39th Annual Charters Towers Country Music Festival will be held from
April 29th – May 1st 2016.

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