Brian Pease – List of Shows

Brian was a member of the Townsville Choral Society from 1956 until his death in 2016. He was a committee member for 36 years, 32 of which he was secretary. During that time he participated in Eisteddfods, Concerts, and Musicals and Theatre Restaurants. He was a successful soloist throughout this period.
Rio Rita1956, Nov 1-7Townsville Choral & Orchestral Society (TCOS)Theatre RoyalChorus
The New Moon1957, OctTCOSTheatre RoyalChorus
Oklahoma1960, Nov 10-16TCOSTheatre RoyalSlim
Show Boat1961, Nov 9-15TCOSTheatre RoyalVallon, Sherriff
South Pacific1963, Oct/NovTCOSTheatre RoyalRadio Operator Bob McCaffery
Annie Get Your Gun1966, Nov 3-9TCOSTheatre RoyalFoster Wilson
Brigadoon1967, Nov 17-23TCOSTheatre RoyalDonald Richie
Naughty Marietta1968, Oct 25-31TCOSTheatre RoyalLt. Gen Grandet
The King and I1969, Oct 31- Nov 1TCOSTheatre RoyalSir Edward Ramsay
The Great Waltz1970, Nov 6-14TCOSTheatre RoyalDrexier
The Pirates of Penzance1971, Jul 23-24TCOSTheatre RoyalChorus
The Pajama Game1971, Nov 5-13TCOSTheatre RoyalPop
Camelot1972, Nov 2-11TCOSTheatre RoyalMerlyn/Sir Sagramore
The Vagabond King1973, Nov 8-13TCOSTheatre RoyalNoel Le Joys
Waltz Without End1976, Jul 22-31TCOSSchool of Arts TheatrePrince Wojcinski (elderly)
Oklahoma1977, Sep 1-10TCOSCivic TheatreAli Hakim
Pirates of Penzance1978, Nov 15-18TCOSCivic TheatreChorus
Kiss Me Kate1980, Aug 6-9TCOSCivic Theatre1st Gunman
Iolanthe1980, Nov 12-15TCOSCivic TheatreLord Chancellor
Oklahoma1983, Oct 26-29TCOSCivic TheatreChorus
Fiddler on the Roof1984, Aug 8-11TCOSCivic TheatreRabbi
Trial By Jury1984, Nov 16,17,23,24TCOSChoral Society HallThe Judge
Carousel1985, Oct 23-26TCOSCivic TheatreChorus
The Mikado1986, Jul 9-13TCOSCivic TheatreChorus
Waltzes from Vienna1987, Nov 4-7TCOSCivic TheatreEbeseder
Pirates of Penzance1988, Nov 2-6TCOSCivic TheatreMajor Gen. Stanley
My Fair Lady1990, Jul 4-7TCOSCivic TheatreLord Boxington/Chorus
Hello Dolly1991, Jul 26-29TCOSCivic TheatreOfficer Golarty
Fiddler On The Roof1992, Jul 1-4TCOSCivic TheatreRabbi
Les Miserables1994, Jan 27-29, Feb 1-5TCOSCivic TheatreVarious male chorus
Oklahoma1994, Jun 22-25TCOSCivic TheatreAndrew Carnes
Les Miserables1995, Jun 30-Jul 2, 4-9TCOSCivic TheatreVarious male chorus/Production Co-ordinator
The Student Prince1996, Jan 24-28TCOSCivic TheatreDr Engel/Production Co-ordinator
42nd Street1996, Jun 26-Jul 2TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Co-ordinator
Annie1997, Jan 16-25TCOSCivic TheatreHull/Chorus/Production Co-ordinator
Me and My Girl1997, Jun 25-Jul 1TCOSCivic TheatreSir John Tremayne/Production Co-ordinator
A Chorus Line1998, Jan 16-24TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Co-ordinator
Annie Get Your Gun1998, Jun 24-30TCOSCivic TheatreMr Schuyler Adams/Chorus
The Sound of Music1999, Jan 14-23TCOSCivic TheatreAdmiral Von Schreiber/Production Manager
Guys and Dolls1999, Jun 23-26TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Manager
The King and I2000, Jan 13-22TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Manager
My Fair Lady2000, Jun 23-Jul 1TCOSCivic TheatreCol. Pickering/Production Manager
Oliver2001, Jan 11-20TCOSCivic TheatreMr Brownlow
Joseph and his Amazing Dreamcoat2002, Jun 26-30TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Liaison Officer
Sweet Charity2003, Jan 16-25TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Liaison Officer
Singing In The Rain2003, Jun 21- Jul 2TCOSCivic TheatreSugar Daddy/Production Manager
Fiddler On The Roof2004, Jan 14-18TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Manager
High Society2004, Jun 23-27TCOSCivic TheatreWedding Choir/Production Manager
Bye Bye Birdie2005, Jan 12-15TCOSCivic TheatreProducer
Gypsy2005, Jul 20-23TCOSCivic TheatreProducer
Jekyll and Hyde2006, Feb 1-4TCOSCivic TheatreEnsemble member
Beauty and The Beast2006, Jul 12-16TCOSCivic TheatreProducer
Grease2007, Jan 31-Feb 4TCOSCivic TheatreProducer
Les Miserables2008, Jan 30-Feb 10TCOSCivic TheatreProducer
Thoroughly Modern Millie2008, Jun 25-29TCOSCivic TheatreEnsemble/Producer
All Shook Up2009, Jan 29-Feb 7TCOSCivic TheatreProducer
Jesus Christ Superstar2009, Jul 22-26TCOSCivic TheatreProducer
Chess2010, Jan 29-Feb 3TCOSCivic TheatreProducer
Monty Python's "Spamalot"2010TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Management
West Side Story2011, Jan 28-Feb 5TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Management
My Fair Lady2011, Jul 20-24TCOSCivic TheatreCol. Pickering/Production Management
Avenue Q2012, Jan 27-Feb 4TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Management
Chicago2012, Jul 18-22TCOSCivic TheatreAsst Production Management
Happy Days2013, Feb 7-16TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Management
Sound of Music2013, Aug 14-18TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Management
The Pirates of Penzance2014, Feb 5-19TCOSCivic TheatreProduction Mamagement
Legally Blonde2015, Jan 29-Feb 1TCOSCivic TheatreAsst Production Management
Mary Poppins2015, Sep 23-29TCOSCivic TheatreAsst Production Management
Annie2016, Feb 10-14TCOSCivic TheatreAsst Production Management

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