Astor Theatre

TDB Sat 23 Mar 1946
McDermott Bros., erection Picture Theatre. Pimlico: Recommend to be advised that permission will be granted to erect the picture theatre provided that the plans for the building include all stipulations made by the City Engineer and City Health Inspector, and that a plan showing such alterations be submitted to the Council for approval.

1953 – ASTOR PICTURE THEATRE, Palmerstone St. near the corner of Grosvenor St. Currajong was opened Mon 28 Sep 1953 ( TDB Tue 29 Sep 1953).

TDB Tue 29 Sep 1953
With the opening last night of the Astor picture theatre at Pimlico, Townsville now
has 12 theatres operating in the city and suburbs. The Astor, which has been completed for the past three years, was approved recently by the Film Commission. The theatre, which is situated In Palmerston Street is conducted by McDermott and Company,

Vaudeville show advert TDB Sat 7 Nov 1953

1971 – Astor Theatre closed 1971 after Cyclone Althea at Christmas 1971.

Astor Theatre after Cyclone Althea Xmas 1971

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