Alphabetical List of Files held at the Museum – S

(As of June 2018 – thanks to D’Esley Smith)

This website only shows a small amount of information that is in the files held at the Townsville Performing Arts Museum. We are digitizing the collection and placing what we can on the website as time and resources allow. For possibly more information please visit the archives at the Society’s Townsville Performing Arts Museum at the P1 Huts, Jezzine Barracks. Open times

Sandra Voss Vocal Academy
School of Arts (Her majesty’s Theatre) 1891-1920, 1921-1939, (RAAF & TREB), 1940-1989 (Dance North) 1990-2012 2013-2015; 2016+ 6 vols
School Teachers’ Battle of the Band 1995-
Scimitar Moon Belly Dance Studio, Latin Vibrations Dance Studio, Motinienco Latin Dance Studio , Burlesque
Scottish Heritage
Senior Week See Cultural Festival
Shakespeare Under the Stars & Theatre iNQ
Shakespearian Society 1959-1965; Vol 1 Includes Townsville Independent Players 1965-1967; Stage Door Theatre 1967-1971
Vol 2 includes Stage Door Theatre 1972-1979; Stage Door Theatre Restaurant 1979-1988; 40th Anniversary Party 2007
Shalom Christian College
Shearers’ Strike re-enactment Barcaldine, H Stephenson SM, See NQ Games
Sheraton Casino hotel 1986-1999
Shirley Treacy School of Dancing,
Short and Sweet Festival
Songs of the 1930’s
Southern Cross Catholic School
Spindle Side Show Mary Ede
St Anthony’s Catholic College, Deeragun
St Clare’s Catholic School, Burdell
St Columba School, Belgian Gardens
St James Players 1952-1959 Townsville Entertainment
St Joseph’s School, Mundingburra
St Joseph’s School, the Strand
St Margaret Mary’s College
St Margaret Mary’s College See Ignatius Park
St Margaret Mary’s Primary School
St Mary’s Primary School, West End
St Michael’s Catholic Primary School Palm Island
St Patrick ‘s College
St Patrick’s College See Ignatius Park
St Patrick’s day
Stable on the Strand See Cultural Festival
Stage Door Theatre 1967-1971 See Shakespearean Society
Stan Newman Collection
Stephenson, Honor
Stratford School of Dancing
Stuart State Primary School 1891-2013
Summer Stock Productions 1978-1985
Sun City Dance Centre, See Ballroom Dancing Townsville
Sunrise Productions 1988-1993

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