Alphabetical List of Files held at the Museum – J

(As of June 2018 – thanks to D’Esley Smith)

This website only shows a small amount of information that is in the files held at the Townsville Performing Arts Museum. We are digitizing the collection and placing what we can on the website as time and resources allow. For possibly more information please visit the archives at the Society’s Townsville Performing Arts Museum at the P1 Huts, Jezzine Barracks. Open times

Jabberwocky Arts and Drama 1999
Jam for T
James Cook University Performing Arts 3 vols 1961-1987, 1988-1999, 2000-
James Cook University Townsville Bullsheet 1984-1995
Jazz folk Festival, includes Palmer Street Festival, Palm Creek Festival
Jazz in Townsville
Jean Pierre Charles Voos 1932-2008
Jean Pierre Voos – JP Voos 1932-2008, includes John de Feu, Capricorn Line, Tropic line, Tropic Sun, Full Throttle
Jezzine Barracks Amphitheatre 2014 –
John Asche 1907-1994
John de Feu, See John Pierre Voos
Joint Arts Marketing for Townsville See Jam for T
Joint Effort Productions 1989
Joyce Munroe School of Dancing
Jupiters Casino Hotel 1999-2007, 2008-2015, The Ville 2015-

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