Townsville Theatrical Society 1947-1969 Past Performances

YearDateShowType of ShowVenue
1947Thurs 21 AugBenefit Concert One-act play as the third section of a concertTheatre Royal
1947Fri 12 Sep 8.00pm
Sat 13 Sep 8.00pm
a) Campbell of Kilmohr
b) Ladies in Waiting
c) The Spinsters of Lushe)
3x1act playsTheatre Royal
1947Thurs 4 Dec 7.40pm
Fri 5 Dec 7.40pm
Sat 6 Dec 7.40pm
a) The Monkey's Paw
b) Playgoers
c) The Fourposter
d) Orange Blossom
4x1act playsR.A.A.F. Recreation Hall
The Strand
1948Thurs 20 May 8.00pm
Fri 21 May 8.00pm
The Blue Gooseone three-act playTheatre Royal
1948Fri 18 June 7.45pm
Sat 19 June 7.45pm
Arsenic & Old Laceone three-act playTheatre Royal
1948Thurs 2 Sep Benefit ConcertOrange Blossom
One-act play as the third section of a concert
Theatre Royal
1948Thurs 14 Oct 7.45pm
Fri 15 Oct 7.45pm
Lady Killerone three-act playTheatre Royal
1949Fri 1 April 8.00pm
Sat 2 April 8.00pm
Back Seat Driversone three-act playTheatre Royal
1949Fri 3 June 8.00pm
Sat 4 June 8.00pm
a) The Grand Cham's Diamond
b) Two Aunts And A Grandmother
c) That's Murder
3×1 act playsTheatre Royal
1949Fri 1 July 8.00pm
Sat 2 July 8.00pm
Mon 4 July 8.00pm
The Fur Coatone three-act playTheatre Royal
1949Fri 16 Sep 8.00pm
Sat 17 Sep 8.00pm
Mrs Moonlightone three-act playTheatre Royal
1949Fri 21 Octa) Elizabeth Refuses
b) Riders To The Sea
Two one-act plays performed by new members to an audience of members onlyAdult Education Centre
1949Fri 25 Nov 8.00pm
Sat 26 Nov 8.00pm
Blythe Spiritone three-act playTheatre Royal
1950Fri 31 Mar 8.00pm
Sat 1 April 8.00pm
Quiet Nightone three-act playTheatre Royal
1950Fri 2 June 8.00pm
Sat 3 June 8.00pm
A Murder Has Been Arrangedone three-act playTheatre Royal
1950Sun 18 June 8.00pmA Murder Has Been Arrangedone three-act playShire Hall,
1950Fri 18 Aug 8.00pm
Sat 19 Aug 8.00pm
Private Livesone three-act playTheatre Royal
1950Fri 27 Oct 8.00pm
Sat 28 Oct 8.00pm
Dear Ruthtwo-act playTheatre Royal
1951Fri 13 April 8.00pm
Sat 14 April 8.00pm
Fools Rush Inone three-act playTheatre Royal
1951Tues 8 May 8.00pmNo Family (by 5 May this play was cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and other items added to the concert)One-act Play as part of the Townsville Jubilee Choral ConcertTheatre Royal
1951Thurs 31 May 8.00pm
Fri 1 June 8.00pm
Sat 2 June 8.00pm
While The Sun Shinesone three-act playTheatre Royal
1951Thurs 16 Aug 8.00pm
Fri 17 Aug 8.00pm
Sat 18 Aug 8.00pm
Gaslightone three-act playTheatre Royal
1951Thurs 25 Oct 8.00pm
Fri 26 Oct 8.00pm
Sat 27 Oct 8.00pm
Morning Sacrificeone three-act playTheatre Royal
1952Thurs 3 April 8.00pm
Fri 4 April 8.00pm
Sat 5 April 8.00pm
You Cant Take It With Youone three-act playTheatre Royal
1952Thurs 5 June 8.00pm
Fri 6 June 8.00pm
Sat 7 June 8.00pm
Ropeone three-act playTheatre Royal
1952Thurs 7 Aug 8.00pm
Fri 8 Aug 8.00pm
Sat 9 Aug 8.00pm
Full Houseone three-act playTheatre Royal
1952Thurs 16 Oct 8.00pm
Fri 17 Oct 8.00pm
Sat 18 Oct 8.00pm
The Chiltern Hundredsone three-act playTheatre Royal
1953Thurs 9 April 8.00pm
Fri 10 April 8.00pm
Sat 11 April 8.00pm
Knight’s Moveone three-act playTheatre Royal
1953Thurs 14 May 8.00pm
Fri 15 May 8.00pm
Sat 16 May 8.00pm
Bonaventureone three-act playTheatre Royal
1953Wed 8 July 8.00pm
Thurs 9 July 8.00pm
Fri 10 July 8.00pm
Sat 11 July 8.00pm
The Man Who Came To Dinnerone three-act playTheatre Royal
1953Thurs 1 Oct 8.00pm
Fri 2 Oct 8.00pm
Sat 3 Oct 8.00pm
The Wild Oatone three-act playTheatre Royal
1954Thurs 24 June 8.00pm
Fri 25 June 8.00pm
Sat 26 June 8.00pm
Madame LouiseplayTheatre Royal
1954Thurs 26 Aug 8.00pm
Fri 27 Aug 8.00pm
Sat 28 Aug 8.00pm
Jupiter Laughsone three-act playTheatre Royal
1954Thurs 21 Oct 8.00pm
Fri 22 Oct 8.00pm
Sat 23 Oct 8.00pm
Hay Feverone three-act playTheatre Royal
1955a) 24, 25, 26 March ??
b) Sept/Oct ??
Castle In The Aira) 26 January a casting advert was in the Townsville Daily Bulletin for March performances
b) advert on back of the programme for “Will Any Gentleman?” with the casting date as Mon 26th Sept 1955.
1955Thurs 22 Sept 8.00pm
Fri 23 Sept 8.00pm
Sat 24 Sept 8.00pm
Will Any Gentleman?playTheatre Royal
1956Thurs 30 Aug 8.00pm
Fri 31 Aug 8.00pm
Sat 1 Sept 8.00pm
Mr Pim Passes ByplayTheatre Royal
1956Thurs 11 Oct 8.00pm
Fri 12 Oct 8.00pm
Sat 13 Oct 8.00pm
Dear CharlesplayTheatre Royal
1957Thurs 25 July 8.00pm
Fri 26 July 8.00pm
Sat 27 July 8.00pm
The Importance of Being ErnestTheatre Royal
1957Thurs 26 Sept 8.00pm
Fri 27 Sept 8.00pm
Sat 28 Sept 8.00pm
Red Letter DayplayTheatre Royal
1958Thurs 15 May 8.00pm
Fri 16 May 8.00pm
Sat 17 May 8.00pm
Fresh Fieldsone three-act playTheatre Royal
1958Thurs 18 Sept 8.00pm
Fri 19 Sept 8.00pm
Sat 20 Sept 8.00pm
Present LaughterplayTheatre Royal
1958Thurs 13 Nov 8.00pm
Fri 14 Nov 8.00pm
Sat 15 Nov 8.00pm
While Parents SleepplayTheatre Royal
1959Thurs 25 June 8.00pm
Fri 26 June 8.00pm
Sat 27 June 8.00pm
The Wooden DishplayTheatre Royal
1959Thurs 27 Aug 8.00pm
Fri 28 Aug 8.00pm
Sat 29 Aug 8.00pm
Captain CarvalloplayTheatre Royal
1959Mon 31st Aug 7.30pm.
Shakespearean Night
(As advertised on back page of the ‘Captain Caravallo’ programme)
FREE! A night of poetry and delight! Excerpts from Shakespeare's plays will be given by Barbara Denman, Rosemary Barr, Blair Edmonds, Mary Titmus, Lilian Squire, Gwen Evans and othersat our Centre (rear of Cyril Benton's, entrance down Mann's Agency passageway next door Wintergarden Theatre).
1960Wed 9 Mar 8.00pm
Thurs 10 Mar 8.00pm
Fri 11 Mar 8.00pm
Sat 12 Mar 8.00pm

As Long As They’re HappyplayTheatre Royal
1960Wed 27 July 8.00pm
Thurs 28 July 8.00pm
Fri 29 July 8.00pm
Sat 30 July 8.00pm
After My FashionplayTheatre Royal
1960Thurs 29 Sept 8.00pm
Fri 30 Sept 8.00pm
Sat 1 Oct 8.00pm
The RainmakerplayTheatre Royal
196120, 21, 22 AprilTheatre Royal Refurbishment Opening ConcertconcertTheatre Royal
1961Wed 7 June 8.00pm
Thurs 8 June 8.00pm
Fri 9 June 8.00pm
Sat 10 June 8.00pm
Only An Orphan GirlplayTheatre Royal
1961Thurs 27 July 8.00pm
Fri 28 July 8.00pm
Sat 29 July 8.00pm
Bus StopplayTheatre Royal
1961Wed 18 Oct
Thurs 19 Oct
Fri 20 Oct
Sat 21 Oct
Rape of The BeltplayTheatre Royal
1962Thurs 29 March
Fri 30 March
Sat 31 March
Simon and LauraplayTheatre Royal
196210 May to Wed 16th May
King and IMusical (1st time performed in Townsville by a "drama" group)Theatre Royal
1963East Lynn
1963Thurs 26 July
Fri 27 July
Sat 28 July
The Heiress play
1963The Importance of Being Ernest
1963Thurs 21 Nov
Fri 22 Nov
Sat 23 Nov
The Seven Year Itch’playTheatre Royal
19643 & 4 NovCentenary Concert items:
Item 4 – a revue sketch – ‘Black and White’
Item 8 – a revue sketch – ‘The Applicant’
Item 14 - a revue sketch – ‘At Home With TV’
Revue sketches in concertCentenary Concert Theatre RoyalTheatre Royal
196513 & 14 Aug ‘

Watch ItGarbutt Methodist Hall
196511-13 Nov
Farewell, Farewell, EugeneGarbutt Methodist Hall
196624-26 Mar
1-2 April
Come Blow Your HornGarbutt Methodist Hall, 24-26 Mar and 1 April.
Theatre Royal, 2 April.
1966Thurs 7 July
Fri 8 July
Sat 9 July
On Monday NextTheatre Royal
1967Wed 19 July
Fri 21 July
Sat 22 July
The Rose TattooTheatre Royal
1968Sat 15 JulyThe Dirty Old ManFar N.Q. Drama FestivalCairns
196??Bell Book and CandleTheatre Royal
1969The Townsville Theatrical Society amalgamated with The St James Players, and The Genesians and agreed to call themselves Townsville Little Theatre.

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