Rollingstone Country Music Fun Day

Fun Day History
Rollingstone’s Country Music Fun Day first came together in 1985, the idea came about when the community got together to do something annually,and, all being Country Music lovers, decided to hold a “Country Music Fun Day”.

1985 – Rollingstone’s First Country Music Fun Day was held on Sunday 23rd June – special guests were the Gottani Sisters, and many local artists, Saddle Tramp, Four Cast, and many more. 1500 people attended. Nev Nicholls got up on stage out of the crowd and entertained completely unexpected – an added bonus for the organisers.

1986 – Rollingstone’s Second Country Music Fun Day was held on Sunday 13th July – special guests were Nev Nicholls Roadshow, featuring the Gottani Sisters, the Singing Kettle, and Kath Thompson. Many local artists supported the Fun Day. 2500 people passed through the gates. In the crowd was one of Australia’s top guitarists, Tommy Emmanual and he got up and entertained – another bonus for the organisers.

1987 – Rollingstone’s Third Annual Country Music Fun Day was held on Sunday 12th July from 9.30am to 5pm, with special guests Australia’s greats Chad Morgan, Terry Gordon, Rollingstone’s own Gottani Sisters, and many local support artists. Compere was 4QN’s John Nutting.

1987 Third Fun Day Programme
(Backing Band - JAQS)(Backing Band – FYRBYRD)
9.30 Arthur Nettlefield9.30 Len Matthews
10.10 Christine Turner & Locals10.30 Fyrbyrd
10.50 The Gottani Sisters11.10 Black River Bluegrass Band
11.30 Terry Gordon12.00 Chad Morgan
12.30 Kim & Amanda Gottani12.50 Ana Christensen & Michael Heytman
1.20 Les & Doris Kelly1.40 Lisa Weight
2.00 The Gottani Sisters2.20 Linda Knouth & Ann Slattery
2.40 Terry Gordon3.10 Chad Morgan
3.35 Kim & Amanda Gottani3.55 Fyrbyrd
4.15 Les & Doris Kelly4.30 Len Matthews
4.45 Pauline, Jenny, Kim, & Mandy Gottani4.55 Grand Finale

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