North Queenland Opera & Music Theatre Group

The North Queensland Opera & Music Theatre (N.Q.O.M.T.) was formed in 1981 by  a group of enthusiastic people to produce quality Shows especially music theatre.
Theatre activities involve costuming, set construction/painting, marketing and backstage work to name only a few – in addition to singers, dancers, actors, and musicians.

There is an elected Committee to oversee the running of the Company and members of the Company come from all walks of life and either have an interest in performing, working behind the scenes, or singing in the choir “The Company Singers”.

The Company is based at their own hall, the N.Q.O.M.T. Hall, in Gill Park, Pimlico, Townsville.
The Company produces two shows, one in April or May and the other in October, each year. Each Show usually has a season of six performances but on occasions there has been an extended season. The Company also produces the “New Years Eve at the Civic” show each year. This show is more of a variety type show and is usually followed by a light supper and a chance to view the City’s New Year firework display at the stroke of midnight from the forecourt of the Theatre.

The Company Singers
This is the Choir of the Company and has its own Sub-Committee and Conductor.

The Company Singers with images

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