Dance North Show Info 1995 – 1999

(The Society thanks Dance North, D’Esley Smith, and the Performing Arts Museum’s own archives for the following information)

DANCE NORTH        Cheryl Stock on leave, interim Director Wendy Wallace
Repertoire 1995

First season

“Please no more palms” included

“The unbearable suspense of desire”
Choreographer: Graeme Watson
Music Antony Partos, The Latin boys
Costume design:, Graeme Watson

“Blood Loom”
Choreographer: Jane Pirani
Music: Edward Cowie
Poem: Fiona Perry
Design: Andre Reynaud

“Please no more palms” (1994)

Arafura Sports Festival Opening Ceremony, Darwin
Choreography Dance North Dancers

VP50 Special performance in partnership with Townsville Choral Society and Tropic Line
Choral Society            Selections from the musical “South Pacific”
Dance North                Women’s War Too (1992)
Tropic Line                  Scenes from Castle Hill (1992)

Second season

“Granite and Glass”
Choreography: Wendy Wallace
Music by film; Paul Schutze, John Adams,
Sound effects Audio Loc
Costume design: Jane Pirani
Dancers of the company with 8 dancers of Extensions

 Dance North Dancers                                   Dancers of Extensions
Peter Furness                                                           Kylie Ball
Rachel Jensen                                                          Rachelle Bliss
Tim Kay                                                                     Sophie Bowen
Martine Redman                                                     Dan Crestani
Leanne Ringelstein                                                 Suzanne Thonder
Julian Timmings                                                     Adrian Robertson
Lisa Wilson                                                               Robert Street
Karina Smith   (Dancer in the community until November when she became a full company member)

DANCE NORTH        Artistic Director Wendy Wallace

Repertoire 1996

 Major Season

“Memories for tomorrow”  included

Choreography: Wendy Wallace with the dancers
Music compilation: Rik Olfacius
Design: Anheke Silver

“The Lunatic, the lover and the poet”
Choreography: Natalie Weir
Music compilation: Stewart Brown
Design Andre Reynaud

“Party Pieces” (Commercially oriented contemporary dance to offer to functions, conferences, venues and events)

“Made to move”  November 1996 season entitled “Footprints of seduction”

 “World Café” (1990, 1994)

“Blood Loom” (1995)

Show for Children
“Scary Snakes and other stuff”
Choreographer: Neil Adams (inspired by Alison Lester’s book “Ruby”
Music compilation: Rik Olfacius

Benjamin Dunks
Peter Furness
Rachel Jenson
Tim Kay
Martine Redman
Leanne Ringelstein
Karina Smith
Sophie Bowen replaced Karina Smith in June

DANCE NORTH        Artistic Director Graeme Murphy

Repertoire 1997

First Season

“Drowning in a sea of dreams”
Choreographer: Graeme Watson, Julie-Ann Long
Music: Sarah De Jong; Annette Teoriero, Lily Naulu
Design: Eamon D’Arcy

Martine Redman-Kay
Tim Kay
Peter Furness
Leanne Ringelstein
Sophie Bowen
Avril Huddy
Benjamin Dunks
Performers: Graham Jacups, Viola Tenore (musicians)

Second Season

“The Naked Kiss”
Choreography: Graeme Watson; Jane Pirani
Music: Any Arthurs
Design: Norman Kupke (lighting); Jacques Tchong (costumes)

Martine Redman-Kay
Tim Kay
Peter Furness
Victoria Hannay
Sophie Bowen
Avril Huddy

Chidren’s Show
Scary Snakes and other stuff”
Choreographer: Neil Adams (inspired by Alison Lester’s book “Ruby”
Music compilation: Rik Olfacius

Dancers: The company
In midyear several dancers resigned and, in October, the Artistic Director, Graeme Murphy, resigned after choreographing works with the four dancers remaining. These dancers performed on tour and at small venues in Townsville with these unnamed works.

Company dancers:
Avril Huddy
Sophie Bowen
Vicki Hannay

 Choreographic Collection  (with Extensions)

Program A       “Still Life with Happy” (Extensions)

“Koala Blues” (Extensions)

“No regrets” (Dance North)
Choreography: Anton
Music: Compilation
Design: Dale Mounsey

Program B       “Koala Blues” (Extensions)

“Peter and the Wolf” (Dance North)
Choreography: Sophie Bowen
Music: Various

“‘Twas a cold summer” (Extensions)

“Caught in the act” (Extensions)

Palmer Street festival with “Small Wonders”

School Shows

DANCE NORTH        Artistic Director Jane Pirani

Repertoire 1998

Faust” (1998 Nth Qld, Japan, Korea; 1999 Brisbane; 2001)
Choreography: Jane Pirani
Music: Compilation
Design: Andre Reynaud
Dancers: Sophie Bowen, Dan Crestani, Vicki Hannay, Karina Smith, Anton, Avril Huddy, Gary Lang

“Luuli” A collaboration between Dance North and the Mornington Island Dancers
(1998 Top end tour, 1999, 2000)
Choreography: Lardil Ancestral Tradition, Jane Pirani, Gary Lang
Music: Compilation of Lardil Ancestral traditional and recorded
Design: Norman Kupke (Lighting), Gary Lang, Jane Pirani (costume)
Dancers :
Dance North: Sophie Bowen, Dan Crestani, Vicki Hannay, Karina Smith, Anton, Avril Huddy, Gary Lang
Mornington Island: Del Williams, Lawrence Burke, Natasha Burke, Roxanne Thomas, Graham Toby Junior, Chiko Toby, Selwin Toby, Grayson Williams, Samantha Chalmers (on secondment from NAISDS)
Michael Rosser (Tour Manager)
Gordon Watt (Songman)
Kenneth Jacobs (Elder)
Cecil Goodman (Elder and Songman)
Teddy Moon (Elder)

Children’s Show
Scary Snakes”

 Break a leg Dance Fest



Major Works

“Glass Heart” Townsville season.
Choreography: Natalie Weir

“Still Life With Happy”
Choreography: Jane Pirani

“Faust”  Australian tour
Choreography: Jane Pirani

“Get A Life Reggie Mite” Youth Development/ Australian tour
Choreography: Jane Pirani

“Volcanoes”  Dance North dancers + 13 Community dancers
Choreography: Sukarji Sriman, Jane Pirani

“Sleeping Beauty” Dance North dancers + 19 Extensions dancers
Choreography: Jane Pirani, Kylie Ball

“Luuli” Dance North dancers + Woomera dancers & Songman
Choreography: Lardil Ancestral Tradition; Gary Lang, Jane Piran

Shannon Anderson
Rachelle Bliss
Karma Dennis
Victoria Hannay
Avril Huddy
Lillian Page (emerging artist) Robert Street

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