Alphabetical List of Files held at the Museum – P

(As of June 2018 – thanks to D’Esley Smith)

This website only shows a small amount of information that is in the files held at the Townsville Performing Arts Museum. We are digitizing the collection and placing what we can on the website as time and resources allow. For possibly more information please visit the archives at the Society’s Townsville Performing Arts Museum at the P1 Huts, Jezzine Barracks. Open times

Pacific Cultural Festival 2015
Palm Creek Festival see Cultural Festival
Palm Creek Rainforest Folk Festival
Palm Island
Palmer Street Festival See Jazz Folk Festival
Palmer Street Jazz Festival
Paluma fest
Pandanus Winds See NQ Ensembles
Parents without partners Theatre Group
Pease, Daphne and Brian
Pelorus Pals Singers
Perform Magazine See Ron Hamilton
Performances at Centre Stage Flinders St Mall -1993-
Performing Arts Working Group (PAWG)
Performing Arts Yarns
Pimlico State High School
Place Magazine See Music Arts and Entertainment Magazines
Pop NQ Arts Festival 2017
Props Youth theatre & LA Luna
Purple Glitter Productions 2002/3

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